Nexar Auto Repair in Houston, near Katy is the best mechanic shop to go for all your vehicle suspension needs. With a team of experienced certified mechanics and technicians, they can quickly diagnose any issues with your vehicle’s suspension system and provide quick repairs that will get you back on the road safely. From shock absorbers to control arms, Nexar Auto Repair has the expertise necessary to ensure that everything is working properly so you don’t have any problems down the line. If there are signs of wear or damage on your vehicle's suspension components, it's important not to ignore them as this could lead to dangerous driving conditions like poor handling or reduced braking ability. At Nexar Auto Repair in Katy, we are specialize in providing timely maintenance services such as replacing worn shocks and struts which can significantly improve ride comfort while also improving safety by reducing body roll during cornering maneuvers or sudden stops from high speeds. Additionally, their technicians can inspect other parts of your car’s suspension system like control arms and bushings for wear before recommending replacements if necessary which helps prevent further deterioration down the line due to normal use over time . When it comes time for service work on suspennsion and steering components make sure you choose an experienced auto repair shop like Nexar Auto Repair located right here in Katy TX! Their knowledgeable staff will be able identify potential problems early enough so that costly repairs are avoided through regular maintenance visits allowing customers peace-of-mind knowing their vehicles remain safe at all times while out on roads around town!

  • Nexar Auto Repair in Katy fix and repair all auto suspension problems


Nexar Auto Repair in Houston, near Katy TX 77449 will check your car entire suspension and steering system, part by part such as; shocks, struts, sway bar links, ball joint, lower and upper control arms, sway bar links, inner and outer tie rods, rack & pinion and pit-man arms, to make sure you have safe and smooth ride.

Our auto repair warranty

At Nexar auto repair in Katy, we are very confident in the work we perform and the quality parts we use on your vehicles. Because of that, we easily provide a full two year or 24,000 mile warranty on our auto repair work. In addition to this warranty, our technicians are factory trained and certified so you can be sure that you are receiving the best work around for your vehicle. All of these reasons are why we receive so many repeat satisfied customers who come back to us again and again with their vehicles from Katy and Houston areas who need auto services and maintenance completed done quickly and at an affordable price.


At Nexar Auto, we use industry standard products and parts, all of our products are manufacturers recommended and our parts are oem or equivalent rated parts that are used by the manufactures.

OEM Parts, and Manufacturers recommended.
Trusted brand names Backed with warranty
All service and parts details provided.
All our work has a minimum 24-month guarantee all services
Great Value

Our services are offered at highly competitive rate without compromising the quality or our services or products, we rely on repetitive loyal customers and that is what drives our business to success.

Guaranteed competitive pricing
We will match or beat price.
We take the time to explain details
All our work has a minimum 24-month guarantee all services
20+ Years of experience

Our family owned business has been proudly serving the major Houston area for over 20 years, at Nexar Auto our experience will guaranty the quality, value and transparency of our services

Family owned & operated
Experienced mechanics & staff
Satisfaction guaranteed
All our work has a minimum 24-month guarantee all services
Up to date Technology

We believe in technology and we always keep up with advanced and up to date equipment and software, we follow the steps of dealer standards and recommendations to provide our clients with the most precise services and diagnostics.

Up to date equipment
Regular mechanics technology training
Dealer standard tools
Updates diagnostics manuals and software

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