Nexar Auto repair is a complete auto repair mechanic shop located in west Houston near Katy, TX which offers many types of auto services. Such as: Fast oil change, Car inspection, Brakes service and repair, Wheel alignment, AC service & repair, Suspension, Quick Lube, Shocks, Alternator, Diagnostic Engine repair , Batteries, Transmission service, Coolant system and much more. At Nexar Auto Repair you can trust that your problem will be repaired by one of our expert technicians. We have years of experience and tools that work for any make and model car. Also, we will provide you with honest answers to questions about your car’s problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Why Should You Take Your Car for Lube Service in Houston

Lubrication saves your vehicle's moving parts from wear and tear and enhances its performance.

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All You Need to Know About Car Suspension Repair System

A car suspension system supports your overall car structure in bumpy rides, drifts around corners, and nosedives on applying brakes.

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Four Reasons to Take Your Car for Inspection

Every car owner is concerned about their vehicle’s safety. Regular use of vehicles introduces unnecessary wear and tear.

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Every Thing You Need To Know About Car Inspection

Do you know that every year over six million accidents happen in the US? One of the reasons for major accidents could be driving an unsafe car.

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